2014 Annual Report

chadThe view from the top is an interesting one.

As CEO, I get to see where we are and where we are going. While my time is not always engrossed in day- to-day details, I certainly see the results: The people we’ve helped who are leading richer, healthier lives, and the people who do the helping, a job that offers rewards beyond most.

When I see what we do for those who need us most, young or old, I am never more proud.

As Martha & Mary continues to expand its services to better meet the needs of West Sound families, I want to highlight one special area of service.

There is a segment of our population—really, any population in America—that suffers from complex medical and behavioral health issues, which make life especially difficult. These serious, chronic conditions burden families and their support networks. They overwhelm the healthcare system. Yet, these patients also represent an urgent community need that Martha & Mary has stepped up to meet in the past year by helping to stand up a program for the region. For the people that this affects, it is life changing.

That’s care that’s personal. That’s care that matters. That’s care that our staff and I, our Board, and the entire community stand behind.

That’s Martha & Mary.


Chad Solvie, CEO


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