Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

Martha & Mary is fortunate because of the support and respect it receives from communities and individuals throughout the region. While some support the mission through financial donations, others support it with their time. One of the very important ways community members give both to the mission at Martha & Mary is by serving as a member of the Board of Trustees.

The Board works in conjunction with management, the delegates, and the community at large to ensure the mission is growing and effective in the West Sound. Many of the Trustees are members of one of the ten member congregations and others come from the community at-large.

Board members serve three-year terms, and Martha & Mary welcomes individuals who wish to bring their expertise to the organization’s governing body.  Skills and experience in the following areas and more are in high demand:

• Finance
• Board and Organizational Development
• Strategic Planning
• Fund Raising
• Risk Management
• Human Resources Management

Current Board of Trustees

Helen StollPresident

Phil Rockefeller

Vice President

Marlene LeMire


Alan Crain

Tom Hawks

Lisa Hecker

Carol Hoffman

Bob Lachata

Jamie Mittet

Bobbie Moore

Bob Nichols

Mary Polensky

Aaron Schielke

PastorKent Shane