Arch Wirth

December 15, 2015

Arch Wirth moved to Poulsbo in 1986, after retiring from a successful career as a U.S. Forest Service ranger. He and his wife Faye first got to know Martha & Mary after moving his mother-in-law from Idaho to live with them. As her condition declined, they recognized she needed a level of care they could not provide, so she moved to Martha & Mary, where she lived until the end of her life.

About a decade later, Arch and Faye turned to Martha & Mary again, after Faye was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. At the point Arch could no longer care for her at home, she came to Martha & Mary   Arch visited her daily, and he was especially appreciative of the nurses and nursing assistants who helped care for her. In honor of that loving care, Arch makes monthly contributions to Martha & Mary.   Donors like Arch provide critical support, helping us sustain our commitment to excellent care for all we serve.

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