Martha & Mary Volunteer Auxiliary

December 15, 2015

The Martha & Mary Auxiliary is a volunteer group who, in addition to volunteering in various ways at Martha & Mary, also participates in fund raising activities. Over the past 20 years, the Auxiliary has supported an amazing variety of equipment, supplies, and projects—all improving the quality of life for those in our care—from a blanket warming machine to book shelves for the Child Care Center, from garden furniture to support for the Children’s summer programs, from portable vital signs carts to a beautiful new commercial grade refrigerator for the Gift Shop, from artwork for the Health and Rehab Center to funding toward the Children’s bus campaign, plus supplies for activities, gardening, the beauty salon equipment, and much, much more. In total, the Auxiliary has contributed more than $50,000 during that time and has given countless hours volunteering in the Martha & Mary in the Gift Shop, visiting residents, helping with Resident Life activities—extending the reach of our staff and helping us better serve our community. Organizations like Martha & Mary rely on support groups like the Martha & Mary Auxiliary. We are deeply grateful for their support and for the way they further our mission of caring.

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