Culture & Diversity

Martha & Mary’s dedication to community service, inspired by our faith-based roots and heritage, has nurtured families in the West Sound region for more than 130 years.

Our enduring commitment to love and serve our neighbors is felt in our friendly enthusiasm and in the personal connections we make to each other and to those we compassionately serve.  We are called to this caring environment, and in it, we graciously continue to support and earn the trust of one another.

Through engaging our family of employees, volunteers and community supporters, we strive for excellence, which we achieve when we align standards and accountability with our long-term vision of a caring community.

The challenges inherent in a non-profit setting require us to be resourceful, flexible, efficient, agile and innovative. Our mission of care places great demands on body, mind and spirit, yet each day, we are rewarded by the satisfaction of knowing we have worked for a greater good. As individuals, we make a meaningful difference in the lives of those we touch in the community as we accomplish our daily responsibilities.

This is Martha & Mary’s mission in action.

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