Service Offerings

Geriatric Care Management Services initially begins with a comprehensive assessment that serves to:

  • Determine current and potential needs of the senior through face-to-face conversation
  • Encourage the senior to self-identify goals
  • Culminate in an unbiased care plan that is designed to reach stated goals, anticipate needs and meet identified needs through appropriate and efficient delivery of client support
  • Identify needed liaison activities between loved ones, family, physicians and other professionals, including attorneys and financial planners

Implementation of the care plan may be immediate or gradual. The intricacy of the care plan may necessitate referrals to other service providers. Geriatric Care Managers are experts in determining appropriate levels of services, and through consultation with family and health practitioners are often effective in easing the burden that a family encounters. Since the senior and family remain in control of the process, changes are made at their pace and based on their capacity.

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