Laying the foundation for a strong start in Kindergarten

Preschool is the next step in your child’s Kindergarten Readiness journey. Toilet-training, self-help skills, increased attention span, continued vocabulary development, following directions, and improved self-regulation are some of our primary focuses in this classroom.

This is a unique age group, as the children still have the energy and curiosity of toddlers, but they are also starting to crave the challenge and independence of the Preschool years. Whereas toddlers tend to play alongside their peers, each with their own agenda, two-year olds begin to collaboratively play with their classmates and develop a better understanding of how their actions and words impact others.

Our teachers make the most of “teachable moments” throughout the day, to help children authentically practice manners, sharing, problem-solving, expressing their needs and ideas respectfully, and taking turns, which are the vital social skills needed for success in Preschool and beyond.

Our Preschoolers continue to build their knowledge and skills through investigation, exploration, collaboration, and discovery.

Emergent language/literacy, science and math skills are an important focus of our Preschool program. Through intentional teaching practices and purposefully-designed activities and projects, the teachers ensure our Preschoolers have developmentally appropriate, meaningful learning materials and experiences which promote success in and beyond Kindergarten.

Preschool students also benefit from the experience of our weekly Intergenerational Program, which allows the children to enjoy arts & crafts, singing, playing games, gardening, and dining with seniors residing at senior care centers in our community. It is a remarkable opportunity for children and seniors to interact, enjoy and learn from one another.



2023 Tuition & Fees - Infants, Toddlers, Preschool and PreK

*Our commitment to affordable rates:  We proudly accept DSHS child care subsidy payments.  Additionally, we offer tuition discounts to families with multiple children enrolled in our programs, active-duty military families and employees of North Kitsap School District, Central Kitsap School District and Martha & Mary.


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