Does Martha & Mary offer rehab services?

Yes, we offer many rehab services. This has become one of our signature programs in recent years, and our clinicians have received national recognition for their work in this area. Our staff will get you home almost 5 days sooner when compared to benchmark results of other rehab providers in the state of Washington.

How many beds are located at Martha & Mary Health Services?

We are licensed for 135-beds in our facility, and we offer a full spectrum of services throughout the campus.

I’m paying privately when I begin my stay at Martha & Mary but need to convert to Medicaid, will I be forced to move out?

No, we believe in serving all those in need regardless of their personal ability to pay. We help guide families through the Medicaid application process when it becomes appropriate, and they do not have to leave just because they convert to Medicaid. However, we expect families to be responsible for getting paperwork completed in a timely and efficient manner to ensure Martha & Mary continues to receive timely payment from the appropriate party.

Does Martha & Mary accept Medicaid and Medicare?
Yes, we accept Medicaid, Medicare, and a variety of other third party insurance payors. We are the preferred provider for a number of insurance carriers like Group Health, Premera, and TRICARE.

Do you have a Beauty Shop on-site?
Yes, we have a licensed Beauty Shop with two beauticians on-site.

Does Martha & Mary have private rooms available?
We have many private rooms throughout the campus, but there may be a waiting list if they are in high demand.  Please contact our Admissions Coordinator if you’re specifically interested in a private room. There is a surcharge for private rooms.

Do you have good staffing ratios?

Yes, we’re proud of our staffing ratios and actually print them everyday for the public to see in our front lobby. This is one area, as a committed not-for-profit healthcare organization, that we believe separates us from other providers.

What do you offer for Activities?

We are committed to a comprehensive Activity program that includes things such as Horticulture Therapy, Pet Therapy, Intergenerational Programming, painting classes, church services, music programs, ferry rides, wedding shows, shopping trips, and bus outings to name just a few of the many things there are to do here at Martha & Mary.

Is phone service available in my room at Martha & Mary?

Yes, phone service is available. Depending upon your length of stay, there may be a nominal monthly charge for such a service.

Is Martha & Mary Health Services a for-profit or not-for-profit organization?
We are a not-for-profit – the only no-profit skilled nursing facility in the region. We serve an important role in the life of families here in Western Washington. Annually, Martha & Mary absorbs more than $2,000,000 in under-funded care because reimbursements from programs such as Medicaid do not cover the full cost of care.

Do you accept donations?

Yes.  We are a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization and gladly and gratefully accept donations. Contributions support training, quality of life programs and capital improvements, helping sustain our commitment to access and excellence.

Do you have any partnerships to provide hospice care?

Yes, we are well-suited to provide end-of-life care with our clinical and spiritual ministries staff.  As a result, we have partnerships with a number of hospice agencies.

Can I do any shopping if I come to Martha & Mary?

Yes, you can go downtown or to the malls if that’s what you’re used to doing. Otherwise, we also have a Gift Shop where snacks and some boutique items are available for purchase.

Are there set visiting hours at Martha & Mary?
No, you can visit anytime. However, the facility is locked at a certain point in the evening, so you will need to ring the door bell after that time.

Can my pet visit me?

Yes, we have several pets that come to visit each day. Pets are welcome to come visit as long as they are under control and safe to be around other people. Our staff would be happy to address more specific questions about your particular situation.

Do I have to be Lutheran to be admitted into Martha & Mary?

No, we accept and respect people regardless of faith, belief, or background. In fact, many of the spiritual care services that we offer are “ecumenical” in nature.

Where does the name Martha & Mary come from?

Our founder selected the name from the Biblical story of Martha and Mary and the evening Jesus visited their home.  The story, found in Luke 10:38-42, examines the importance of spiritual values over material business. This story reminds us that while each of us are called to serve in different ways, we can never become so busy with tasks that we forget the value of relationships with those around us.


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